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About Me

Organizer - Advocate - Trainer - Coach - Educator

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I support groups and individuals to:

  • Develop leadership

  • Tell stories that move others to take action

  • Build high-performing teams

  • Grow powerful organizations

  • Design effective strategies

  • Fundraise

  • Win labor, legislative, and electoral campaigns

Over fifteen years, I've led successful organizing campaigns to win change at the local, state, and national levels, and I've trained thousands of diverse workers and leaders worldwide to build power. I've worked closely with many types of groups including:

  • Public and private sector labor unions

  • Elected officials

  • Formerly incarcerated people

  • Political candidates

  • Veterans

  • Worker cooperatives

  • Faith-based groups

  • Environmentalists

  • Graduate, undergraduate, and high school students

  • Immigrants

  • Tribal governments

As a Teaching Fellow, I've taught several leadership courses at Harvard and Stanford for graduate and undergraduate students. I have a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University, but most of my learning comes from collaborating with everyday working class people to create change across the United States.

Democracy isn't a spectator sport. It requires an organized and engaged base of people capable of strategic analysis, effective decision-making, and collective action. It also requires electing leaders who put people over profits, and building mechanisms to hold each other accountable to our values. I work with others who are interested in strengthening people power and deepening our democracy.

I live in Sacramento, CA with my amazing wife and our adorable dog. I also speak French and Spanish.

You can view my resume on LinkedIn, but the best way to get to know me is to reach out and schedule a conversation.



My framework for organizing and developing leadership comes from over a decade of successfully leading labor, legislative, and electoral campaigns, and from years working closely with two of the world's greatest organizers, Marshall Ganz and Jane McAlevey, training thousands of people in dozens of countries. These are some of the core leadership practices that I bring to the table, and that I'll work with you and your team to develop.


Public Narrative

Learn to tell your story and the story of your campaign. Motivate others to take action.



Learn a process for choosing a strategic goal and developing the tactics, structure tests, power map, and timeline to win. 



Conduct the research required to get the information you need to guide a winning strategy.


relationship building

Learn to have skillful 1-1 conversations that build trust, identify shared values and interests, and recruit supporters.


Collective Action

Learn to mobilize collective action to win your campaign whether it's an election, labor strike, lobbying days, or civil disobedience.

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Media & Communications

Spread your message far and wide through mainstream media, independent media, and social media.


building leadership teams

Learn to work effectively with others, develop a shared purpose, share responsibilities, hold each other accountable, and have fun while getting things done.



Learn to be a great coach and bring the best out of the people around you.



Ignite exponential growth by building your group's internal training capacity.


My Services

Teams & Organizations

Does your team need support to set or achieve goals? Are you planning a labor, political, or legislative campaign? Are conflicts tearing your group apart? Do you want to build power to change the status quo?

I can facilitate meetings and workshops to meet your team's needs. I can also recruit other expert coaches to join me in supporting your organization. 

Let's work together to develop your narrative, design your strategy, strengthen your team dynamics, meaningfully engage your people, and prepare your group for action.

Available in-person or by video.

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One-on-one coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching to help you learn, overcome challenges, develop plans, and achieve your goals. I mostly use the head/heart/hands coaching framework to help you identify and overcome whatever might be holding you back.

             HEAD - Strategic challenges. What are your goals, tactics, and timeline? What's your path to get what you want? Let's develop a winning strategy together.

            HEART - Emotional or motivational challenges. What fears or limiting beliefs might be holding you back? Let's find what's hiding beneath the surface, and tap into your sources of hope and courage to move forward.

            HANDS - Skills-based challenges. Which practical skills or tools might be missing from your toolkit? Whether it's using technology or having difficult conversations, let's practice together and develop the skills to win.

Available in-person, by video, or by phone.

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